All on 4 is technical terms in dental treatment for treating by put 4 dental implants into gums to attach denture with gums. Name will depend on amount of used dental implants for instance; All on 4 uses 4 dental implants, All on 5 uses 5, and All on 6 uses 6. Main purpose is attaching denture with gums permanently. Without self- removable just like real teeth stay in mouth all the times. Dentist will suggest which case need 4, 5, or more by analyze from several factors such as the mass of gums bone leftover, denture weight, or denseness needed etc.

Utilities of All on 4 are attaching denture with gums all the time, so denture won’t  jump or rock around like denture attaching in general. Denser than attaching with denture glue. Removing denture to clean up is unnecessary. Patient can brush teeth just like daily life. All on 4 can also adapt to use with crown bridge, doesn’t only denture.


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