Teeth Whitening

Tooth Whitening is one of dental treatment to make tooth whiter and cleaner. It is a piece of your attractive smiling.

There are several ways of tooth whitening but the most famous ways in general are;

Tooth Whitening by Dentist
If you want the fastest and the most effective way of tooth whitening, dentist will do it in clinic which need more intensive substance and get faster result than Self-Tooth Whitening that you buy from shop. Your teeth will be whiter since the first time done by dentist with Laser-Tooth Whitening. However, dentist may suggest you to do self-tooth whitening at home for the long terms.

Laser-Tooth Whitening
Laser-Tooth Whitening has a simple process, safe, fast, and effective. Also, it doesn’t cause harm to oral tissue as well. One of the most popular Laser-Tooth Whitening in Thai dental clinic is Philip Zoom Whitening. Philips Zoom Whitening uses Tooth Whitening liquid and Blue light LED irradiator. Patients must have healthy oral health to do whitening. Good oral health means no caries, no sensitivity from receding gums, and no leaking fillings. The dentist will suggest you to have your teeth cleaned before having them whitened. Dentist will do Laser-tooth whitening by cover every part except tooth with covering tools and cover oral tissue with gel. drying a whole inside mouth and then dabbing tooth with Tooth whitening liquid. Irradiating with Blue light LED to stimulate a reaction of liquid for 15 minutes and then clean them it all off. Re-proceeding about 3 to 4 times till patient is satisfied with color. However, Tooth whitening has a side effect of more sensitive tooth, but it will be relieved within 24 hours.

Self-Tooth Whitening at Home
If you want your teeth white last forever, just once whitening won’t be enough. When dentist suggest you to use self-tooth whitening at home with Low-Concentration Tooth Whitening liquid, dentist will give you whitening tools and instruction for you to follow. Don’t forget that, daily life factor such as smoking, soft drinks, or alcohol drinks. Which is cause of too much dental stains and lead you to do whitening more often.  You should ask dentist which self-tooth whitening is the most suit you. Philip Zoom’s Low-Concentration Tooth Whitening liquid has less irritating than the one that use with Blue light LED irradiator. So it sues for self-tooth whitening at home. putting the liquid in the tray and sticking with tooth for 4 hours per day or when going to bed. Doing like this for 1 to 2 week(s) and dentist will has some recalling for check-up while doing it.


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