“Spontaneous sensitivity when drink cold water is caution of pulp tissue or root canal become infected, damaged, or destroyed till that tooth is dead”.

Root Canal Treatment is repairing and healing damaged teeth or infected teeth without extraction needed. Root Canal Treatment procedures are scratch infected dentine out (in pulp tissue and root canal part), clean it up, and sterilizing. Then, filling root canal and pulp tissue up. Dentist will use Dental Operating Microscope which is specific microscope for dental treatment to help dentist see tiny teeth root canal. So specialist of endodontics must be expert in their tools because endodontics procedure is likely to be micro level.  Causes of damaged pulp tissue are usually broken tooth, decayed tooth, too often re-treating, or injured tooth. If we don’t scratch all damaged or infected dentine out or even too late treatment, it will lead to more infected pulp tissue and make that tooth died.

Symptoms of sensitive teeth
– Hurting brain nerves or feeling really sensitive when eating hot and cold diet.
– Feeling hurt when gnash or chewing.
– Many decayed teeth.
– Teeth change color.

Even treated teeth can still be decayed, therefore oral cavity and teeth should be always taking care. Visiting with dentist is one of necessary things to prevent from oral problem in the future.


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