Care your teeth, Enjoy your food

What do you look for when you come to Thailand? Besides beautiful attractions and world’s renowned beaches, Thai food is definity a must try. You must not miss the spiciness of papaya salad, the sweetness of Durian, and ofcourse, the mouth-watering street food in every corner of Bangkok.

However, good dental health is the key to enjoyable eating. While you are already in Thailand, Why don’t you let us take care of your dental health? Our patient agrees that our “ service is nice and price is right”.

If you ask what a good dental health should be, here they are; no cavity, no sensitivity, and no calculus. How do we get rid of cavity?

There are three cases of cavity.
First case is beyond the enamel but does not reach pulp tissue. This can be treated by drilling out the weakened part and fill them with Amalgam (silver) or Composite (white) Resin.

Second case reaches pulp tissue. We can treat this with root canal treatment by drilling out the weakened part, disinfected pulp tissue, shapes the root canal, and then seal it with filling.

Last case is where tooth is severely damaged. In this case, extraction and dental implant replacement will solve the problem.

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, it is generally caused by cavity or loss of enamel. If you still feel the sensitivity after your fillings, your teeth can be coated with protective substance that has the same characteristics as enamel. Scaling is the way to go for cleaning calculus and preventing your gums from receding.

That’s it. BFC Dental Center can help you take care of your dental health. Now you’re ready indulge in all tastiness. Enjoy eating.

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