Reasons that make you want to spend your retirement in Thailand.


Reasons that make you want to spend your retirement in Thailand 001

Thailand has always been a dream destination for many tourists around the world for decades. But today, Thailand does not only attract tourists, but a growing number of people are also looking forward to settling in Thailand after their retirement. What are some of the reasons why retirees want to live in Thailand?


Cost of living

Speaking of money, it’s one of the first things that get people moving. You will find that food, other everyday items, housing, and transportations here are much more affordable compared to wherever you come from.


The people

When you travel to foreign countries It can be difficult to communicate at first. But the more time you spend here in Thailand, your life will get much easier and a little less lonely away from home. The people of the Land of Smiles are best known for being kind, generous and helpful.


Residing in Thailand

Living in Thailand means that you’re never too far away from gorgeous beaches, breathtaking natural sites or top-rated tourist attractions. Whether you like it active or slow paced, you will find Thailand on the top of your list. Sports are common in Thailand, especially Muay Thai, the perfect martial art. You can make sure to be in the hands of Muay Thai experts here. But if you feel less active, you can easily find a nice and quiet place just for yourself and your loved ones. Indulge yourself in wellness activities, spa, and traditional Thai massage. Come to Thailand and find more than plenty to be happy about.


Health & Wellness

According to, “For over 10 years, Thailand has been developing a strategic plan to raise the level of medical tourism and public health services in order to meet internal standards. Not only for Thai people but also international tourists”. BFC Dental, as one medical provider, has been developing our dental services for both local and international patients who place their trust in us for over 2 decades. Rest assured that we will continue to thrive for the best patient experience possible.


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